2000 VX Holden Commodore SS

5.7 litre alloy GEN III LS-1 V8,  fuel injection, 4 speed auto

Purchased new in October 00 from R & B Smith Holden.

Engine Specs : 225Kw @ 5200 RPM, 460Nm @ 4400 RPM


Problems :

Comparison to VT SS Series II :

Upgrades March 2003 :

Well, by now my car is about two and a half years old. It still only has low K's (25,000)

Was considering what to do :

In the end, I decided to keep my VX and do the upgrade mods :

By G&D Performance, Cranbourne :
  • Di Fillipo 4-1 headers
  • Hi-flow cat's
  • Twin 2.5" G&D Exhaust
  • HSV cold air intake
  • K&N filter
  • LS1Edit (fuel/spark, auto transmission, etc)


The exhaust is now reasonably loud, particularly noticeable at low-ish RPM under throttle. It sound like a big V8 now - not a half blocked vacuum cleaner!!

Car has much more power, from idle right through to peak

LS1Edit remapping of the automatic transmission has made a remarkable difference. The gear changes have been sharpened up under light and full throttle. Slur has been removed and gear changes now snap through in a fraction of a second - its so much better!

When you do the maths it shows that my car now has around 280kW at the flywheel

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