2001 VX II Berlina Wagon

3.8litre, 6 cylinder, 4 speed auto.

Purchased new from R&B Smith Holden, Geelong - Oct2001.
Replaced Subaru Liberty Wagon

Berlina spec has a few obvious differences to SS :

When the VX series II was released, there was big marketing hype about how the cruise control stalk had been redesigned to make it better compared to the stalk as used for the last few models.

I have to say that the cruise stalk on the VX II is much harder to use than the old style. On the old style stalk you could drive it easily with your finger tips without having to take your hand off the steering wheel. It comprised only of buttons. The new stalk however requires you to twist the stalk to set / accel / decel and this cannot be done without taking your hand off the wheel. Certainly I will agree that the new stalk looks a lot nicer, but it is definitely not as easy to use.

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