1992 VP Holden Commodore Executive Wagon

3.8litre, 6 cylinder, fuel injection, petrol & gas, wagon, 4 speed auto.

Purchased new from R&B Smith Holden, Geelong.

Options fitted :

Engine Specs : 125Kw @ xxxRPM, 300Nm @ xxxRPM

Car was dealer fitted with dual fuel option. A 60 litre gas tank was installed under the car, with the spare wheel being mounted inside the cargo area. Half of the fuel tank was cut away to provide room for the gas cylinder. A dash mounted switch allowed selection of gas or petrol. The fuel gauge in the dash was modified so it could read the amount of fuel remaining in the selected tank. There was marginally more power available when running the car on petrol. After loading the car heavily with stock and seeing the rear end sag terribly, had taller and stiffer springs installed.

VP Outside

Problems encountered :

VP Diff

Happy memories :

Car was traded for VR Sedan

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